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Angel Readings With Grace

Certified Angel Card Reader Grace Carter

Certified Ambassador Of Divine Love

My Services/Moje Uslugi

My Services/Moje Uslugi

Heal Your Place/ Home Blessing/Re-Design 1 Session on Skype


I am International Staging and Redesign Professional, and Reiki Master Healer and Teacher.

Either private or commercial property, sometimes is in need of a little help, in order to create a feeling of well -being. Even the most beautiful, expansive, desirable home or office, may lack: coziness, warmth, and feeling of belonging, or fulfillment. If you experiencing loneliness, miscommunication with others, lack of understanding, illness, often arguments, sleepless nights, feeling of being "stuck", or lost, lack of a purpose or money - you may need to re-design your living and/or working space. Changing some things, switching around, adding some colors means shifting energies. Right energy flow brings happy changes to your Home, and to your Life.

Every situation, just like you and your space, is totally different and needs to be reviewed individually.

It takes more than just your furniture, color of your walls, or carpeting; It is about creating a FEELING of loving spending a quality time there. And that's my specialty.

$135.00 is for an initial consultation only, in New Jersey, around Ocean Township (depending on how far you live, as well). For any other areas, please contact me at: [email protected] Thank you!

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