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Angel Readings With Grace

Certified Angel Card Reader Grace Carter

Certified Ambassador Of Divine Love

Re - Designing and Healing Your Home Re - Designing and Healing Your Home Dining Room Before... 195644272 Dining Room in a process... In a process of: De - cluttering, Cleaning and Organizing. 195644650 Dining Room After... Now is also Decorated/ or Staged. Lots of a warm, welcoming feeling of this beautiful Dining Room. 195644651 Matching Decor The flower magnolia is matching the one from a picture (fake), but in the front of the house is a real magnolia tree. 195651017 Swimming Pool Area Before... and After. Taking cover off, power-washing and decorating. 195644652 Decorated for the season (or staged for sale). 195646090 Desk Before... Desk After: De-cluttering, Cleaning and Organizing. 195644271 Living Room Before... 195644653 Living Room After... Re- organized, re- furnished, and decorated. 195644654 Warm and beautiful. Living room/ TV Room 195646093 Kitchen Before... 195646091 Kitchen After... Lots of decorating. 195646092 The Foyer. Beautiful and practical. 195646094 The Master Bathroom. Fully staged for sale. Yes, the flowers are fresh. 195646095 The Guest Bathroom. White, Navy Blue and red. 195646096 The Other Bathroom. Nautical. 195646097 The TV Room in the Basement Before... 195646098 The TV Room After... Light, bright, and happy. 195646099 The Corner Area in the Basement Before... 195646100 The Corner Area in the Basement After... 195646101 The Office/ Guest Bedroom. 195646102 The Backyard. Plants, color, and a wicker patio furniture matching a brick floor. 195646103 The Front Door Before... 195646104 The Front Door After... Do not underestimate the "first impression". Colorful plants make the whole picture so much happier. Well planned plants and nice pots; shrubs and trees - have a healing power, as well. 195646105 The Front Door looks inviting. Clean, organized, well matched, beautiful! 195646106 Plant Arrengement Very easy to do it. 195651015 Matching Colors Love gardening. 195651016